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Online test creator and examination tool


ExamChallenger's Online test creator is a professional web based application, quiz creator, maker, that creates on demand tests and serves for ONLINE testing and examination (taking online tests, exams). Students, Teachers and test's performers, get results in real time, with available reports on performed exams. The process of testing i.e. examination is easy, can be performed at a specified time interval, it's web based and on demand, results are immediate available and the application is accessbile from everywhere in the world. The Challenge is yours. Software for testing and examination, easy software for education, companies and for fun. Be your own quiz maker,exam creator, experience the challenge. 

Online test creator on Ipad

Testing type and efficiency

Quick response time

When a student, employee or any other person, submits the Test, results are generated in seconds and the test creator (teacher) gets reported results in a blink of an eye.

Height Efficiency

The Time of abacus is gone, today's new revolution in information technology shifts the clasic pen and paper a side, internet and online application softwares are coming up. No more classic Tests,there is much more easier and sophisticated way. Only ExamChallenger's Creator - Maker tool with an online and easy way, gets efficiency on high level. Online, easy and free is our motto. Users who use the ExamChallenger's free software tool can save the prepared Questions in a Question bank marked with specific subject and topics for reusability.

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Satisfaction and participation

Satisfaction, online and easy Test Creator free Software tool

People are satisfied using this tool it's very pleasent and friendly to use. Only couple of clicks and ready to go. This test creation and educational software has everything needed for a successful examination

Product rights

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Participate and suggest

If you are looking for a good free Quiz creator - Maker, software for testing and examination then you should use ExamChallenger. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this educational software, don't hesitate to email us at suggestion@redigon.com
ExamChallenger is a product of Redigon Software Solution. All Rights Reserved. 2009

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Friendly and easy test creation and examination

  • It's easy to use
  • Easy test generation
  • Easy taking exam
  • Online and web based
  • Creates easy questions, available Question bank
  • Linking questions
  • Online invitation by email
  • Export to PDF and print
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General Characteristics of exam creator

  • Software type: Educational software
  • Software subtype: Applicable Test, quiz creator-maker, for online testing and evaluation
  • Language based: en-US
  • Brower requirements: min -> Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 20, Chrome
  • Key words/tags: Online, test, quiz, creator, examination, testing,taking an exam
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Happy People

Onlinte testing and examination

The Creator can create a Test with randomly selected Questions from the Question bank, very easy and in a blink of an eye. As a Creator the user has many possibilities like choosing randomly questions or linking specific questions to an appropriate test. This gives the Creator excessive flexibility. Timer can be attached to an Exam, the ongoing process is online so no one can stop the process of student evaluation. The Creator can view the reports from everywhere in the World. Everything is online no need of download and aditional installation of application. This application is friendly and easy to use. ExamChallenger provides online services for an easy and simple test generation, testing i.e. online taking exams. Easy to create to pdf and print the test.

Exam creator is working on an Ipad